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Intro to Using Evidence-Based Practices in Graduate Education Research

In 2017, the Council of Graduate Schools published a report, Professional development: Shaping effective programs for STEM graduate students. In preparation for this report, CGS brought together universities, employers, and students themselves to identify promising practices and develop recommendations for improvements in programs that prepare graduate students for a wide range of careers in the STEM workforce. Some of the questions they sought to answer were: How do we know programs are effective? What skills do these programs address and what skills are missing or underutilized? What are the biggest challenges facing student engagement in and faculty support for these programs? Therefore, the objectives of this workshop are to:

  • Highlight the importance of using evidence-based practices in program design;
  • Provide a quick overview of the evaluation & assessment practices;
  • Provide participants an opportunity to practice designing questions and/or instruments they can use for programs on their campus in their context.


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